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International Vice-President Toolkit

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APhA-ASP is the Full Member Organization representing the United States to the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF). As a member of APhA-ASP you are automatically a member of IPSF, with no additional paperwork or dues required. As the leading worldwide federation of student pharmacists, IPSF's goal is to advocate for student pharmacists and improve public health worldwide. Use the toolkit below to learn more about how IPSF can be a part of your APhA-ASP chapter!

IPSF Campaigns and Projects

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“Think globally, act locally.” IPSF events do not have to be international. Please see the official IPSF Projects and Programs Guide below. Other IPSF public health campaigns can be found by visiting IPSF and the World Health Organization official health days. APhA-ASP patient care events may be considered IPSF events thus collaboration between International Vice Presidents and the other patient care initiatives is strongly encouraged.

Please contact your APhA-ASP/IPSF National Project Coordinator with questions about IPSF Campaigns and Projects.

Student Exchange Program (SEP)

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The Student Exchange Program (SEP) is a mobility program that gives students from all over the world a chance to experience what pharmacy means outside their own borders. There are two ways to get involved in SEP: host a student at your school, or travel to another country. For every two students APhA-ASP chapters host, three APhA-ASP/IPSF members may take part in the SEP in another country. For this reason, we highly encourage the development of a host site at your local chapter!

Outgoing - SEP Applicants

2023 Pre-Application Form - Due November 1, 2023 PST 11:59 pm

  • Section I: Applicant Contact Information
  • Section II: Applicant Experience (500 words or less) - Information to be entered in application
  • Section III: Applicant Essay (250 words or less for each of the 4 questions) - Information to be entered in application
  • Section IV: Applicant Experiential Education Schedule for 2024 - Information to be entered in application
  • Section V: Applicant Letter of Intent and CV/Resume - Information to be entered in application. CV/Resume will be uploaded
  • Section VI: Statement of Consent
  • Section VII: 2024 Pre-Application Chapter Advisor Support Recommendation (one page or less) included as part V of the application - Due November 1, 2023 PST 11:59 pm
  • SEP FAQs for US students
Incoming - Hosting SEP Students

Please contact your APhA-ASP/IPSF Student Exchange Officers with questions about SEP.

IPSF Leadership and Conferences

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Guide to International Conferences

Please contact your APhA-ASP/IPSF National Contact Person with questions about APhA/IPSF leadership and conferences.