Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management


The APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) is dedicated to assisting members in enhancing the profession of pharmacy, improving medication use, and advancing patient care.

APhA-APPM specific charges from the APhA President reflect the Academy’s focus on the growth of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), leadership development, development of innovative materials to assist pharmacists in offering best-practice services, promotion of and participation in MTM services, coordinated care models and provider status.

  1. Align APhA-APPM goals, objectives, tactics, and action steps to the strategic plan priorities of the Association.
  2. Actively participate in Association-wide review and recommendation development regarding member-engagement and Academy governance structure and support effective recruitment of new members within the revised structure.
  3. Evaluate and implement strategies to address diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and develop diverse leaders within the Academy structure and activities.
  4. Actively engage members to provide feedback, input, and guidance to staff on policy matters and in the completion of work products of the Association.
  5. Facilitate collaboration between the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Officer, APhA-APPM New Practitioner Officer, and the New Practitioner Advisory Council (NPAC).
  6. Establish and attain growth in the annual SIG PAC Challenge fundraising goal.

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New OUD Pharmacotherapy Resource: APhA–APPM Pain, Palliative Care, and Addiction SIG

APhA’s new Opioid Use Disorder Pharmacotherapy resource provides links to evidence-based treatment guidelines, plus an overview of pharmacologic agents used for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and overdose reversal. The quick guide was developed by the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management (APhA–APPM) Pain, Palliative Care, and Addiction Special Interest Group (SIG). Note: APhA members must log in to download the PDF.
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New Marketing MTM Services Resource: APhA–APPM Medication Management SIG

APhA’s new Marketing MTM Services resource helps pharmacists communicate the value of their patient care services to patients, providers, and payers. This comprehensive guide explores the differences between digital and traditional marketing, provides considerations for marketing strategies and messaging, and lists marketing resources and tools. It was developed by APhA and the APhA–APPM Medication Management Special Interest Group (SIG). Note: APhA members must log in to download the PDF.
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APhA-APPM Resources

Clinical Guidelines

APhA launched a Clinical Guidelines page on our website this week! The APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG’s Clinical Committee compiled links to all of the clinical guidelines that pharmacists may need while they practice. These links are organized by organ system and available to any pharmacist who visits the website. Additionally, the Committee developed Summary sheets for over 85 guidelines. These Summaries include the key page numbers for information or charts that will be of particular interest to pharmacists.

Immunization Quick Reference Guide

The Immunization Quick Reference Guide was designed to enable certified immunizing pharmacists and student pharmacists to stay up-to-date on current vaccinations and guidelines. This guide is created and updated by the APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG(Note: APhA Members must login to download this PDF)

Transitions of Care Case Examples

The Transitions of Care Case Examples were designed as a members-only resource for pharmacists and student pharmacists to improve transitions of care (TOC) services across a multitude of health care settings. The document addresses pharmacists’, student pharmacists’, and pharmacy technicians’ roles in transitions of care services within a community hospital, an outpatient health system pharmacy, an ambulatory care clinic, a long-term care facility, and a community pharmacy. This resource was created by the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG.

Immunization Travel Health Pocket Guide

The Travel Health Pocket Reference was developed by the APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Travel Committee to serve as a condensed resource for trained pharmacists providing travel health services to diverse patient populations. (Note: APhA Members must login to download this PDF)

Radiopharmaceutical Vendor Qualification Checklist 

This tool will assist hospital pharmacists in evaluating relevant regulatory and practice standards when selecting a commercial nuclear pharmacy to supply radiopharmaceuticals to institutional nuclear medicine departments. Developed by the APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG.

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