Health Information Technology

Health information technologies (HIT) are increasingly being used to support how health care providers collect, document, and share patient care information. Health care reform and technological advancements are transforming the standards of patient care and it is important that pharmacist-provided clinical data is integrated into these new systems. 
Pharmacy HIT Collaborative

The Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) Collaborative works to assure the meaningful use of standardized electronic health records (EHR) that supports safe, efficient, and effective medication use, continuity of care, and provide access to the patient care services of pharmacists with other members of the interdisciplinary patient care team. As a founding member, APhA supports the Collaborative’s vision and mission is for the US healthcare system to be supported by meaningful use of health IT and the integration of pharmacists for the provision of quality patient care.

Collaborative members represent pharmacists in all patient care settings and other facets of pharmacy, including pharmacy education and pharmacy education accreditation. The roadmaps below represent consensus strategies that are meant to guide provider organizations, policymakers, vendors, payers, and other stakeholders working to integrate pharmacy HIT into the national HIT infrastructure:

Pharmacist eCare Plan Initiative

Pharmacists are increasingly providing clinical services on patient-centered care teams. The Pharmacist eCare Plan facilitates pharmacist participation in information sharing among providers, patients, payers, and other stakeholders. When a pharmacist documents care delivered using the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process into an electronic health record, the Pharmacist eCare Plan captures and shares this clinical information with others involved in the patient’s care. Following are resources: