Pharmacists Getting Paid Through Collaborative Clinical Services

Pharmacists Getting Paid Through Collaborative Clinical Services

Looking to improve patient outcomes, enhance collaboration with other health care professionals, and increase profits for your organization? We just launched a new certificate training program: Pharmacists Getting Paid Through Collaborative Clinical Services. The full 12.5-hour training program will explore how to set up and provide clinical care, improving your organization from all levels.

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Our program is a mixture of podcast, e-learning, webinar, and interactive learning modules that you can access from anywhere.

New to APhA’s Certificate Training Programs? Hear from some of our pharmacists:

Micaela Hayes

Micaela Hayes, PharmD

CEO and Founder
Clinical Pharmacist
Tailored Pharmacist Services, LLC

“They provided the tools and resources I needed to start creating a successful consultant pharmacist business. I highly recommend other community, consultant, and ambulatory care pharmacists who are seeking to build a sustainable collaborative practice attend this exceptional program!”

“Without the comprehensive education and guidance provided by this program, I am certain that I would never have been able to launch my venture successfully. It has not only given me the necessary tools and knowledge but also instilled in me a sense of purpose to make a meaningful difference in health care.”

Amanda Baum

Amanda Baum

Baum Consulting Services, LLC
Collaborative Care Managers, LLC

Alyson Shirer

Alyson E. Shirer, PharmD

Population Health Pharmacist
Fairfield Medical Associates
Blythewood Medical Associates

“Participating in the ALIE course changed the trajectory of my career. This course gave me tools to move forward and the confidence to do so.”

“The patient impact has been significant, and outcomes have been astonishing. To move the pharmacist profession forward, we all need to learn to collaborate and show medical providers pharmacists have a seat at the patient care table.”

Zachary Forsyth

Zachary Forsyth

Pharmacist/Chief Marketing Officer
Hurricane Family Pharmacy